Metals And Jewels – Does It Affect One’s Mental Health?


Metals have been circulating the world for a long time. We use different types of metal for different kinds of things that make our day to day life a whole lot easier. Metals can be used for currency, silverware, building materials, and jewelry. There can be a hundred ways to use metal that can improve our day to day life. Of course, with many ways to improve our way of living, it gets more comfortable to do things around the house or even at work or in school.

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Structure And Strength While Facing COVID-19


We all know about metals and minerals and steel but not everyone has a clear understanding on the subject. Well, all these things come from one of the biggest and oldest industries in the world – Mining. Basically, it is exploring, producing, and processing the natural resources of our planet for human use. Usually, people mine for metals, minerals, and even coal and because all of these things are such a commodity for the human race, mining has become an industry where people do get rich off of.

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The Basic Skills Of The Volleyball Game


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The 2019 PVL Conference was one of the most exciting and successful events of the year. With the culmination of the PVL Competition, a lot of volleyball fanatics could not wait to witness more games, more new faces, and of course, new victories. It was an opportunity to meet volleyball champions and get to know them by talking to them and taking their pictures. The valuable players through the years were given awards and appreciation. Coaches of corresponding teams were also present to provide more information about their teams and players.

In relation to this, let us discuss the basics of the game of volleyball.

As the skills of players improve, standards also increase. This is essential if you want to build successful volleyball teams. The players’ expectations will increase as well. As they learn, they will soon expect to be the best and be successful in the field. Learning is indeed fun and players will eventually try to improve their skill level. As long as the players’ skills are improving, players will continue to play until they become better.

Basic Skills In Volleyball

Serving is really important yet underestimated. A lot of coaches don’t teach skills in serving aggressively and sometimes lose the opportunity to provide an advantage for his team because of this.

Passing is delivering the ball to your teammate as one of the team’s strategies. It is one of the most vital skills of the game. If you are unable to pass the serve, you might not give your team a score.

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Blocking is perhaps the last skill taught in volleyball. Players usually get away with average or poor blocking strategies because not doing the block is not going to hurt as much as poorly performing the rest of the skills in volleyball.

The Setter Position is thought to be the most vital position in the game. He or she manages the team offense.

Digging is another ability that is not valued quite as much but is equally useful when the team is on defense.


Rings And Bracelets – Sanitize Before You Use It


It is necessary to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer, at least 70% alcohol content, to eradicate the risk of contracting and transmitting the deadly COVID-19 virus. But you need to remember some things when doing so – it is a must to remove all your jewelry, like rings, bracelets, and watches before sanitizing your hands.

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How Do You Teach Your Teens To Lead?


It was a gathering of the Hispanic community at the 2017 Denton Conference. Hispanic families, churches, and other organizations were happy to get together and talk about community issues, like managing finances, leadership training for the youth, and maintaining their culture for the young to follow. Priority was given to the teens and adolescents in the community, that they may learn excellent communication and leadership skills for their good and the whole community as well.

So how do you teach your teens to be good leaders of your community?

Be A Role Model. The best and easiest way to teach your teen something is to do it yourself. Being a role model will encourage him to be motivated to practice it consistently. He will also learn to make better choices. He will do something not because it is what’s ‘in’ or what’s cool, but that it is what is right – a character of a true leader.

Teach Him Good Values. Honor, honesty, accountability, and independence are essential values that will help your teen learn how to make the right decisions in life. By instilling these values and living life by these values, he will be more reliable in spirit and mind and will undeniably be someone that others can count on.

Always Communicate. If you want your teen to become a good leader, practice regular and meaningful communication with him. Let him know that asserting and speaking your mind is essential, but so is listening – that is how communication should be. Communication also means teaching him not to judge someone when he is confiding in him. As a parent, you must be a good listener and supporter, as he will also learn from this.

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Establish Trust. Before instilling trust in your teen, you must learn to trust in the choices that he makes as well. Do not keep on telling him that you are right, but listen to what he has to say. Encourage him to reason, not talk back. Those have different definitions. Allow him to decide for themselves, and if they fail, be there to support him. This will help him develop independence and the will to keep going despite failures that he will go through in life.



Struggles That You May Deal With While Wire Weaving


Wire weaving is a fantastic skill to learn, regardless if you are a young woman who is at the height of your career or a middle-aged mother who is still taking care of your kids. One project can take minutes to hours to complete, so you will undoubtedly have something interesting to focus on for a while. It will also allow you to show your creative side, even though others say that you have no artistic bone.

What is cool about learning how to weave wires is that you do not always have to go out to do it. For sure, you can enter a wire weaving class, but you can also find tutorials on YouTube. When it comes to the supplies, they are readily available in local craft stores or Amazon.

Now, I know how hard I am selling this activity to you. It is genuinely the kind of hobby that you have never thought you needed but will end up loving it. That is especially true when you already have a few woven jewelry pieces and people start appreciating them. However, you also deserve to know that wire weaving has caused me to deal with several issues.

You Will Get Blisters On Your Hands

The first thing I have complained about is the blisters that appeared on my fingers and palms. Getting them is unavoidable because you are holding thick strings of metal on the one hand and trying to loop a thinner wire with your other hand. The blisters come with the territory, just like when you learn how to play the guitar. If it is any consolation, it will not bother you so much once you get the hang of handling the wires correctly.


It Is Not Easy To Create Every Pattern

A lot of wire weavers are generous, in the sense that they post detailed instructions on how you can make a particular design. Aside from photos in blogs, you can also find videos where they show you a step-by-step guide on what to do. Some people even say where you can get the wires and other tools required for the pattern.

The thing is, even with tutorials or someone coaching you to make every loop, it is not easy to make woven jewelry. You will be bending and twisting wires that usually like to stay straight, for one. Some designs can be complicated as well, especially if you start adding more base wires.

There Is Always The Risk Of Seeing The Wires Unravel

You cannot relax despite finishing a weave, to be honest. You will typically need to leave a few millimeters of the frame on both ends so that you can add locks on both ends and keep the wires from unraveling. However, when you are only starting, you may be unable to prevent that from happening. Then, you will have to start all over again.


Final Thoughts

Wire weaving is a new talent that you can acquire whenever you have time. It will not go away even if you may be too busy right now. Despite the struggles I have mentioned above, you will be able to get over them once you see yourself and perhaps others wearing your creations.

Good luck!

Wire Weaving Benefits That You Should Know About


Wire weaving is a hobby that I never thought I would enjoy. Don’t get me wrong – I love crafty items. There are a lot of things in my apartment that has been created from diverse materials. I enjoy wearing various types of jewelry as well so that they can match my outfit.

The only reason why I have never envisioned myself weaving wires is that I am not the most artistic person in the world. I am the type who would rather buy an abstract painting than buy a few paints and go crazy on a blank canvas. I have never done a cross-stitch or sewn a button on a shirt either. No matter how hard I try to draw a portrait, the face always looks like a potato, too.


Nevertheless, going to a wire weaving class has shown me that I don’t need special skills to make beautiful jewelry with thin metals. Every skill can be acquired; you merely have to be open to it. Besides, if you have a chance to learn how to weave wires there, here are the benefits that you can get from it.

Have Something Unique To Gift To Your Friends

The primary perk of wire weaving is that you now have something to give to your friends as a present. A lot of times, you may feel burdened when you think of what kind of gift you can send to someone close to you this year. That is especially true if that person practically has all the material things that anyone can ask for.

For that reason, you can create a nicely woven bracelet for your friends. There are patterns for men and women, so you won’t have any issue with the designs.


Be Creative Even Without Being Overly Artistic

When you are a painter, you need to be imaginative and skillful with your medium at the same time. You cannot get rid of the former because it means that you will copy another artist’s work, and that’s not acceptable. You cannot lack painting skills, on the other hand, because you will be unable to express yourself then.

However, with wire weaving, you can find classic designs to do or tweak a little, and no one will get mad at you. You can add a gemstone or bead here and there or perhaps use different gauge wires. As for talent, you only have to be able to handle several wires and shape them according to the pattern, so it is not that difficult.

See Your Work Get Admired By People

Another benefit of learning wire weaving is that you get an output that will put many people in awe. After all, your job is to manipulate those thin metals and weave them together to create beautiful jewelry. Not everyone has enough patience and determination to complete such a project, but you do. That is when they may forget Tiffany & Co. or Swarovski for a minute and ask where they can buy your pieces.

Final Thoughts

If you think about it, a bracelet is a small accessory that stays on a person’s wrist. However, if your loved ones realize that you have crafted one for them out of wires, they will love you now more than ever.

Try wire weaving today!

How Sapphire Engagement Rings Rose To Fame


Have you been keeping up with gossip about the British royal family like everybody else around the globe?

If you are, then you may know that Princess Eugenie of York announced her engagement and got married not too long ago. She has a shot for the throne, considering she is tenth in line. However, that is not what’s making news outlets rave about her. No, it was the engagement ring that her man gave to her.

The reason is that the ring does not have a huge diamond in the center, which people may expect royalty to have. Of course, it is surrounded by diamonds. However, it has a padparadscha sapphire smack-dab in the middle instead, which is an incredibly pretty variety of gem corundum. 

But did you know that Princess Eugenie is not the first royalty to wear a sapphire engagement ring?


Sapphire turned into a popular gemstone when Prince William gave Kate Middleton one. It was the same sapphire engagement ring that his mother, Princess Diana, wore during her pre-wedding arrangement. This jewelry made a noise again when the new Duchess of Cambridge started wearing it.


Reason Behind The Sapphire’s Fame

Sapphire was one the most talked-about stones back in 1981 because its amount at that time was UK₤28,000. In all honesty, that was below the royal standards. Despite that, the princess was resilient in her decision to have sapphire as the central gem on her engagement ring. It later symbolized the self-confidence that a lot of brides-to-be possess, even though everyone else pushes norms on them.

The Colors Of Sapphire

While the large stone set in the middle of Kate’s engagement ring is blue, sapphire can come in various colors. As mentioned above, Princess Eugenie has padparadscha sapphire, which is practically a pink-colored stone. The other variations are green, red, yellow, and purple. The common determining factor is the location where the jewelers got them.


Real Vs. Imitated Sapphire 

As imitators become more resourceful and innovative as to how they create copies of sapphire, it no longer is safe to scrutinize the stone with naked eyes. What can aid you the most in this search for the authentic gem is a small magnifying glass that jewelers utilize to enlarge the size of the materials they are using. For those who are in search of the real sapphire, the magnification capability of the device allows people to see the core of the stone where there should be distinct lines or scratches. 

Since the stones originate from natural sources, every sapphire cannot look perfect. But if you notice that the surface and the inside is as smooth as glass, it may indeed be a regular glass posing as a precious gem.


Final Thoughts

Sapphire is a contemporary choice of rare gemstone that continues to put people in awe. It may not be as classical or expensive as a diamond, but it undoubtedly looks exquisite and lovely. To prevent the couples from needing to go through such a tedious process, though, you need to acquire a sapphire engagement ring from a respected manufacturer.

Good luck!

3 Ways To Identify An Authentic Tiffany


What will you do when you see a sign or an ad that says ‘Tiffany for sale’ out of the brand’s store?

Will you do a victory dance because the items sold may be less expensive now? Are you going to check how much money is in your credit card so that you can purchase one or two jewelry pieces immediately? Or, will you revel in the opportunity of adding another precious accessory to your collection?

There is no wrong answer here, to be honest. Tiffany & Co. is known for making high-quality jewelry, and a lot of people want to own at least one item from this brand. The only problem is that their accessories are not the most affordable pieces out there. Some regular wage earners have to save up for months to buy something there. Others, unfortunately, can wish that they will receive one as a gift or stumble upon a piece of jewelry somewhere. Seeing Tiffany on sale, therefore, can be comparable to hearing that an A-list celebrity is giving away half of their savings to organizations.


However, it is tricky to buy a Tiffany & Co. product outside of their official stores. You have to be an expert at knowing the real deal from the knockoff before you grab that ring or necklace on sale. Otherwise, you may end up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a piece of jewelry that you can get for 20 bucks or less at Santee Alley in LA. 

Below are the three ways to identify an authentic Tiffany.

1. Every Part Of The Jewelry Is Marked Accordingly

Most products made by the company have the company name and metal identification stamped on them. Specifically, on necklaces and bracelets, you should be able to see these marks on the pendant(s), the chain, and the clasp. The labels are as clear as day, so you do not need to second-guess whether they indeed are from Tiffany or not. 


2. Sterling Silver Is Used Throughout

925 represents the sterling silver used to construct the accessories from the brand. In case you have not heard about it yet, copper has been mixed with silver to create this sturdy metal. Because of that, you can expect the necklaces, rings, or bracelets to have a distinctive heft and color to them. If the item you are checking out seems lightweight or almost white, though, it probably is not the real thing.

3. Scrutinize The Chains Well

Apart from making sure that the bracelet or necklace is the right size for you, it is also important to scrutinize every inch of it. The clasps manufactured by the company have high quality, and the links are fused – not pinched – to one another. Thus, the latter should make you think of the infinity symbol since it neither has a beginning nor an ending. 

These ideas are not difficult to remember, so you know now how to react or what to do the next time you see a Tiffany for sale.

Good luck!