3 Ways To Identify An Authentic Tiffany

Source: tiffany.com

What will you do when you see a sign or an ad that says ‘Tiffany for sale’ out of the brand’s store?

Will you do a victory dance because the items sold may be less expensive now? Are you going to check how much money is in your credit card so that you can purchase one or two jewelry pieces immediately? Or, will you revel in the opportunity of adding another precious accessory to your collection?

There is no wrong answer here, to be honest. Tiffany & Co. is known for making high-quality jewelry, and a lot of people want to own at least one item from this brand. The only problem is that their accessories are not the most affordable pieces out there. Some regular wage earners have to save up for months to buy something there. Others, unfortunately, can wish that they will receive one as a gift or stumble upon a piece of jewelry somewhere. Seeing Tiffany on sale, therefore, can be comparable to hearing that an A-list celebrity is giving away half of their savings to organizations.

Source: tiffany.com

However, it is tricky to buy a Tiffany & Co. product outside of their official stores. You have to be an expert at knowing the real deal from the knockoff before you grab that ring or necklace on sale. Otherwise, you may end up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a piece of jewelry that you can get for 20 bucks or less at Santee Alley in LA. 

Below are the three ways to identify an authentic Tiffany.

1. Every Part Of The Jewelry Is Marked Accordingly

Most products made by the company have the company name and metal identification stamped on them. Specifically, on necklaces and bracelets, you should be able to see these marks on the pendant(s), the chain, and the clasp. The labels are as clear as day, so you do not need to second-guess whether they indeed are from Tiffany or not. 

Source: tiffany.com

2. Sterling Silver Is Used Throughout

925 represents the sterling silver used to construct the accessories from the brand. In case you have not heard about it yet, copper has been mixed with silver to create this sturdy metal. Because of that, you can expect the necklaces, rings, or bracelets to have a distinctive heft and color to them. If the item you are checking out seems lightweight or almost white, though, it probably is not the real thing.

3. Scrutinize The Chains Well

Apart from making sure that the bracelet or necklace is the right size for you, it is also important to scrutinize every inch of it. The clasps manufactured by the company have high quality, and the links are fused – not pinched – to one another. Thus, the latter should make you think of the infinity symbol since it neither has a beginning nor an ending. 

These ideas are not difficult to remember, so you know now how to react or what to do the next time you see a Tiffany for sale.

Good luck!