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8 Reasons Why Metals Are A Trendy Embellishment To The Interior World

Metals are one of the essential materials that have contributed significantly to humankind’s activities even during the ancient civilization. Back then, we only used them in construction, accessories, artworks, and kitchen wares. But now, metals have become part of the contemporary world as an unshakable trend used in the interior design industry. Everywhere we look, whether in our family household or outside, there will always be a piece of garment, furniture, technological devices, and crafts that exhibit metallic inspiration.

So take a look at these reasons on why architects and interior designers have been progressively using metals in every bit of our home design.

Gives Off A Warm Vibe In The Interior

Using metals in your interior entices onlookers with a warm ambiance, especially when the place of residence is in a climate experiencing four seasons. Typical examples of warm-toned metals we see every day in the living room or even in the kitchen area are brass, copper, and gold. These metals, especially during the winter season gives off a warm aesthetic feeling that you would love. Also, you can never go wrong with using these warm-toned metals with mosaic tiles that we usually use in both the kitchen and bathroom.

An Elegant Ambiance For Golden Hues

Golden furniture and cabinetry are the keys to improve the accent of the space. Even though the golden-vintage era had been a thing of the late 1900s and had been replaced by a more modernized look today, it’s still eye-catching to see golden metallic decorations that give off an elegant vibe in our home. Well, everyone has their taste when it comes to design, but some may want to add a little vanity and style in their room.

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Also, the sleek look of gold metals adds a dramatic flair to every corner of the room. Just like in the picture, the gold that chandelier brings out lights up the darker part of the entire interior, not to mention it being a hot trend that perfectly fits your Instagram feed.

Metals Are Aesthetically Versatile

Metals are known to adapt to any material, including tiles, wood, bricks, and mosaics. It means that when you match two different design elements, they will still look coordinated with a variety of metallic materials such as shiny aluminum, refined brass, and copper. Thus, metals are indeed a versatile material that gives the interior design world the option to play around and customize the finish of our ideal interior. It lends a consistency in color to anything and opens up new ideas that you have not yet explored.

Metals Complement Your Fireplace

Usually, metals like copper are good at flattering different types of interior design elements. A perfect example of this is when copper or iron metals complement the ambiance of your fireplace at home. Since it consists of natural rock or brick, it livens up the dull area of the room. Apart from that, metals are good at expressing craftsmanship especially when we look at it.

Metals Are Recyclable

Metals are considered to be a green material, unlike other construction materials used in the interior industry. They promote airflow and help reduce energy waste; thus, they are on the top of architects and engineers’ list of building materials that are environmentally friendly. The functionality of metal does not diminish over time and can remain high-quality even though it’s a recyclable material.  For that reason, it’s no wonder metals are one of the most sustainable building materials.

Creates A Modern Art Decoration Look

Some cold metals like silver, aluminum, and stainless steel have a reflective property that adds glamour to modern interior design. This property recalls the classic, Hollywood-style royalty and at the same time creates a modern decorative look in tables, reflective doors, and other furniture. Because it creates an incredible design, everyone can surely fathom why metallic influence is in vogue nowadays.

Source: wikipedia.org

Metals Are Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

Another reason why architects and interior designers consider metals as trendy embellishment is because it’s a breath of fresh air to a design industry full of composite materials. The typical composite materials that our home interior has nowadays include concrete and glasses. We tend to appreciate metallic influences less because we believe that it’s an old and faded style that we can ever use in our home. But little do we know using metals in a sizable portion of our house brings us back to the historical and vintage era. We can showcase the intricacy of metalwork in prime areas of our home like staircase railings and door knobs.

Metals Are Safe For Kitchen

Cool metals are always a top-notch option for the kitchen area because they are easy to clean and maintain for everyday use. They add balance to the home, especially in areas with pipeline equipment like the sink and the bathroom, and emit a minimalist yet modern style. Not only that, but you can use metals for bathroom interiors because of its distinctive finish, durability, and reflective properties that give off a shimmer when hit by natural light.

Source: flickr.com

Because architects and interior designers lead the return of the trend of metal usage, it’s convincing for us to follow them as well. If I were to design my own home, I would love to see a range of metallic influences in many areas. What about you

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