How Do You Teach Your Teens To Lead?


It was a gathering of the Hispanic community at the 2017 Denton Conference. Hispanic families, churches, and other organizations were happy to get together and talk about community issues, like managing finances, leadership training for the youth, and maintaining their culture for the young to follow. Priority was given to the teens and adolescents in the community, that they may learn excellent communication and leadership skills for their good and the whole community as well.

So how do you teach your teens to be good leaders of your community?

Be A Role Model. The best and easiest way to teach your teen something is to do it yourself. Being a role model will encourage him to be motivated to practice it consistently. He will also learn to make better choices. He will do something not because it is what’s ‘in’ or what’s cool, but that it is what is right – a character of a true leader.

Teach Him Good Values. Honor, honesty, accountability, and independence are essential values that will help your teen learn how to make the right decisions in life. By instilling these values and living life by these values, he will be more reliable in spirit and mind and will undeniably be someone that others can count on.

Always Communicate. If you want your teen to become a good leader, practice regular and meaningful communication with him. Let him know that asserting and speaking your mind is essential, but so is listening – that is how communication should be. Communication also means teaching him not to judge someone when he is confiding in him. As a parent, you must be a good listener and supporter, as he will also learn from this.

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Establish Trust. Before instilling trust in your teen, you must learn to trust in the choices that he makes as well. Do not keep on telling him that you are right, but listen to what he has to say. Encourage him to reason, not talk back. Those have different definitions. Allow him to decide for themselves, and if they fail, be there to support him. This will help him develop independence and the will to keep going despite failures that he will go through in life.