How Sapphire Engagement Rings Rose To Fame


Have you been keeping up with gossip about the British royal family like everybody else around the globe?

If you are, then you may know that Princess Eugenie of York announced her engagement and got married not too long ago. She has a shot for the throne, considering she is tenth in line. However, that is not what’s making news outlets rave about her. No, it was the engagement ring that her man gave to her.

The reason is that the ring does not have a huge diamond in the center, which people may expect royalty to have. Of course, it is surrounded by diamonds. However, it has a padparadscha sapphire smack-dab in the middle instead, which is an incredibly pretty variety of gem corundum. 

But did you know that Princess Eugenie is not the first royalty to wear a sapphire engagement ring?


Sapphire turned into a popular gemstone when Prince William gave Kate Middleton one. It was the same sapphire engagement ring that his mother, Princess Diana, wore during her pre-wedding arrangement. This jewelry made a noise again when the new Duchess of Cambridge started wearing it.


Reason Behind The Sapphire’s Fame

Sapphire was one the most talked-about stones back in 1981 because its amount at that time was UK₤28,000. In all honesty, that was below the royal standards. Despite that, the princess was resilient in her decision to have sapphire as the central gem on her engagement ring. It later symbolized the self-confidence that a lot of brides-to-be possess, even though everyone else pushes norms on them.

The Colors Of Sapphire

While the large stone set in the middle of Kate’s engagement ring is blue, sapphire can come in various colors. As mentioned above, Princess Eugenie has padparadscha sapphire, which is practically a pink-colored stone. The other variations are green, red, yellow, and purple. The common determining factor is the location where the jewelers got them.


Real Vs. Imitated Sapphire 

As imitators become more resourceful and innovative as to how they create copies of sapphire, it no longer is safe to scrutinize the stone with naked eyes. What can aid you the most in this search for the authentic gem is a small magnifying glass that jewelers utilize to enlarge the size of the materials they are using. For those who are in search of the real sapphire, the magnification capability of the device allows people to see the core of the stone where there should be distinct lines or scratches. 

Since the stones originate from natural sources, every sapphire cannot look perfect. But if you notice that the surface and the inside is as smooth as glass, it may indeed be a regular glass posing as a precious gem.


Final Thoughts

Sapphire is a contemporary choice of rare gemstone that continues to put people in awe. It may not be as classical or expensive as a diamond, but it undoubtedly looks exquisite and lovely. To prevent the couples from needing to go through such a tedious process, though, you need to acquire a sapphire engagement ring from a respected manufacturer.

Good luck!