Metal Toxicity Effects (A Therapist Guide)

We sure know that we live in a toxic world, and that does not exempt us from getting poisonous bodies. Our exposure to the significant and small amount of toxic metals over the years can accumulate in our cells and tissues. That is where in unfortunate events, slowly poison us. And since we often associate toxicity to overall damage, we become unaware of the root cause of our health problems. With all the effects of toxic metals in our health, therapist care to send out some information.



It is one of the usual poisonous substances that we all know. It affects the nervous system, kidneys, heart, and the brain. It is a type of metal that can cause autoimmune disorder, depression, tremors, memory loss, anemia, as well as heart attacks. Mercury, when comes in contact with the body’s nerve tissues, deteriorates the nervous system in a matter of seconds. Its exposure to the brain can cause insanity to an individual. Aside from that, it will result in involuntary muscle movements. It also impairs speech, vision, hearing, and gait. Sources of mercury appear in air conditioner filters, adhesives, cosmetics, felt, fabric softeners, floor polishes and waxes, seafood, laxatives, talcum powder and even on tattoos. We are all exposed to mercury these days. And with declined health and other mental disorders on the rise, we should understand how metal toxicity is responsible at some point.



Nickel gets most commonly used in dental fillings, coins, stainless steel cutlery, pots and pans, and batteries. Given its economical use in cookware and cutlery, we are all exposed to nickel in every meal. That is because each spoonful of food carries the metal toxin with it. Nickel accumulates in the kidneys, bones, lungs, liver, sinuses, immune system, as well as the brain. It is a variety of metal that is known to cause genetic disease and some cancer. An individual who breathes a significant amount of nickel eventually develops chronic bronchitis as well as nasal sinus and lung cancer. In unfortunate cases, one of the most common problems associated with too much nickel exposure is skin conditions. When an individual suffers from its skin damaging effect, no amount of skin creams and lotions will ever work not unless the toxic metal gets removed. Chronic health issues caused by nickel can last up to several years in the body. Unfortunately, no one can recognize its severe effects not unless an individual undergoes tests.



Another toxic metal that perhaps most of us already know is lead. It usually gets detected in canned foods, newspapers, toothpaste, plastics, cosmetics, gasoline, batteries, insecticides, pottery, old paints, ceramics, soldered pipes, and even on chocolates. Every day we suffer from lead exposure, and there is the tendency that it increases its effects due to its commonality. Lead accumulates in the liver, kidney, bones, and the brain as well. It has many adverse effects. However, the most common of these unwanted impacts is its ability to alter an individual’s intelligence and behavior. That is because, for each microgram amount of lead into our bloodstream, there is an instant drop in our IQ. Lead can also cause a decreased ability to social situations and the new environment too. Most cases, young children are the vulnerable victims of their toxicity. That is due to its inclusion in kids’ toys and other kids’ stuff.



Aluminum is prevalent in public water utilities. Universally, it uses the metal to help remove the debris suspended in the water supply. That is because aluminum, when added to water, causes tiny bits of dirt to stick together and fall out of solution. That makes the dirt effortless to remove. The whole process is called flocculation. Though it may sound industrially helpful and a better idea in processing drinking water, unfortunately, damages the human bloodstream. That is because inside the bloodstream are little floating white and red blood cells. These include antibodies, platelets, and hormones, to name a few. So when our bloodstream flocculates, it causes a severe problem such as heart attacks and strokes. It also accumulates in our bones, skin, kidneys, and brain. At some point, it can cause Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, aphasia, memory problems, and anemia. Source of aluminum include feminine hygiene products, baking powder, baby formula, antacids, kinds of toothpaste, aluminum foils, and of course aluminum pots and pans.

Our world that we are living in is full of toxicity. But that doesn’t mean our bodies should collect all of its damaging effects. We can always be mindful in choosing what we use and what we put in our body.