Metals And Jewels – Does It Affect One’s Mental Health?


Metals have been circulating the world for a long time. We use different types of metal for different kinds of things that make our day to day life a whole lot easier. Metals can be used for currency, silverware, building materials, and jewelry. There can be a hundred ways to use metal that can improve our day to day life. Of course, with many ways to improve our way of living, it gets more comfortable to do things around the house or even at work or in school.

With metal making life more comfortable, we can expect a certain part of us that feels a little less stressed about living life as we know it. With metal, our dreams become a reality where we go from being anxious about treating us in celebrating big or small achievements in life. So you see, being able to live a life with fewer complications and with more comfort gives us a chance to help ourselves to become healthier mentally.


Another thing is with metal being used for jewelry, self-esteem and confidence is boosted, dreams of marriage come to life, and legacies are passed on from generation to generation. We do not just move away from mental illness or complications in life, but we also create memories and hope that life is not always about what other people think or what other people say.

I believe it is important that we realize that our lives are like dominos. One little push on one piece can cause a chain reaction. So, when we decide, we need help, and we start reaching out to people that may start a chain reaction that ends up with you leading a happier and healthier life. Maybe receiving that family heirloom from your mom starts a reaction that leads you to have a healthier relationship with your family, and it gives you a chance to set a better example for your kids.


When we allow ourselves to see how the littlest things change the way our life courses through, it is the first step to us being able to understand that we need to appreciate the life that we live because it would have been a very different life if our ancestors had not gone out and discovered metal and the many uses of it. For all, we know we could have never progressed this far if we had not learned how to use metal for different things that make our lives easier today.

For some, this appreciation for how the little things cause big impacts can be a stepping stone towards a better relationship with other people. This way, they learn to value the people who surround them and support them, which causes us a healthier life altogether. So, this is our chance to give ourselves a life that is happier by giving ourselves a chance to mentally be healthier.

Let us say that I give you a necklace made of gold. This triggers you to reach out to me and ask me if I would want to spend the afternoon with you. We bond over the necklace and all our other stories of happiness and heartbreak. Eventually, we learn more and more about each other. In the end, we become inseparable, and we help each other through the struggles of stress and anxiety, all because of the gold necklace that started this chain reaction. From this, we can see that the little things inspire such great impact, and we eventually will learn that appreciating what we take for granted can change our whole perspective on life and its wonders.


At the end of the day, we all live a life that can be too stressful at times. There will be days where anxiety takes over, or we get too overwhelmed with how life is turning out to be. Still, the most important thing is that we see value in things that are normal to us because the things we take for granted are luxuries and privileges that other people may not possess. It is time for us to see that life is more than just the things that we think are important because sometimes it is the things that we do not take notice of that most often is our basic need.

Life may not be as easy as pushing a little domino. We will eventually face hardships and pain but being able to see value in the little things gives us a chance to evaluate yourself and appreciate the impact we have on the world. Sometimes we may feel like we’re a common spoon that no one ever really thinks about or cares for, but when we think about it, a spoon is valuable to daily, and without it, life gets harder. We should always learn how to see our self-worth because what matters is not approval from society but ourselves.