Rings And Bracelets – Sanitize Before You Use It

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It is necessary to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer, at least 70% alcohol content, to eradicate the risk of contracting and transmitting the deadly COVID-19 virus. But you need to remember some things when doing so – it is a must to remove all your jewelry, like rings, bracelets, and watches before sanitizing your hands.

There is a study made by specialists from Georgia State University that metal jewelry, especially rings, can be a place where bacteria can thrive. If there is anything that we want to eradicate at this time, it is the COVID-19. Our lives have been put on hold because of this virus. Businesses are shutting down, and the world economy as a whole is dipping each day. These are not the worst effect of the virus. Lives have been lost, and to date, April 20, 2020, it has cost 165,174 citizens of this world with families who love them.

If you can go on day by day, without your jewelry just at this time, it would be much better. The lesser you wear when you go outside, the lesser risk of virus you will be bringing back to your home.


Some people, though, just cannot part with their jewelry because of its sentimental value. Wedding rings are worn all the time by couples, and some bracelets have been passed on from one generation and another, or watches that are graduation gifts from parents, grandparents, and other loved ones. If this is an issue, then take off your jewelry right before you sanitize, and then, you also need to clean it thoroughly. Yes, clean your jewelry to get rid of any thriving bacteria in it.

Bacteria can thrive in metals; we all know that now. And so, if your ring or bracelet is carrying bacteria or virus, as you put it back on, the bacteria or virus will again infect your hands, even if you washed it already. This is a proven fact by Miss Lucy Wilson, an educator, and researcher from the University of Maryland. Therefore, going back to it – you have to sanitize your jewelry. But how?

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The problem is that when you disinfect or sanitize jewelry (any metal thing for that matter) using hand sanitizer, it has the potential to destroy your metal ring, bracelet, or accessories. Jewelry expert Elizabeth Doyle explains that it is much better to disinfect your jewelry with lukewarm water and anti-bacterial soap.

CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an organization that regulates disease policies in the United States, has said and reminded people that right now, it is imperative to keep washing your hands. You have to do it before you prepare or cook food, during cooking, and after. One must also wash their hands before eating, as well.

Those who take care of sickly people, and the young and the old, they also have wash hands before and after they come into contact with them. People who take care of those with open wounds and blisters, they Must disinfect before and after, as well.

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Even with this outbreak, people have been taught to wash their hands before and after using the loo, but not all do that, and it is very unsanitary. It is the same thing with moms, dads, and carers for a baby who changes their diapers. You must also wash your hands, especially after handling a dirty one.

When you touch your pet, feed it and clean its cage, or when you clean your toilet, throw the garbage out, or touch any part of it, you must wash your hands with soap. What I am saying here is that you WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE, DURING, AFTER, if possible. There are many metal surfaces in these places, and yes, the virus can live in these areas. It uses inactive bodies like metals to thrive and then contaminate people who touch it.

Just do your part and wash your hands, including your ring or bracelet. Wet your hands with water, close the tap, and apply anti-bacterial or sulfur soap. Scrub your hands up to elbows or the whole of your arms for 20 seconds. You can count from one to twenty, not in haste. Then, rinse thoroughly. Dry it with a clean towel.