Signs Your Body Is Full Of Metal Toxic (Psychologist Review)

There is no denying that heavy metals are toxic to humans. Psychologist believes it to be harmful in the body and the brain as well. Even low concentrations have no exemptions to the health system’s damage. With that, any metal with a high density at a molecular level must be identified and should require treatment at all cost.

Some of the usual common heavy metals are aluminum, mercury, and lead. And whether you prefer it or not, you will be exposed to these chemicals frequently. That is because these things go out to the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat. So when the body absorbs it, you can expect a buildup of toxins. With that, the toxicity signs and symptoms become visible. But how would you know what are those signs and symptoms? Well, here are some of the few.


Nausea And Vomiting – These two are the most visible signs of acute heavy metal poisoning. That is because the body’s exposure to a large metal at once causes gastritis, or also known as the inflammation of the stomach lining. Though hospital cases of metal poisoning are somewhat rare, physical findings associated with soluble toxins are prevalent. That is why an instant feeling of nausea becomes apparent. In unfortunate instances when the buildup becomes too much, serious health problems can happen. It will include specific conditions such as chronic skin diseases, heart failure, internal organ malfunctions, and as well as brain damage.

Headaches And Brain Problems – The condition appears to be the cause of long-term exposure to chemical toxicity. The toxin from the heavy metals that comes mostly from air somehow affects the nerves of the brain when there is too much inhalation. In some instances, it also results in confusion, drowsiness, and even seizures. When the brain gets entirely affected, the possibility of experiencing behavioral problems and troubled concentration is also visible. And since the effect of heavy metal appears associated with the nervous system’s damage, represented by severe headache, a huge tendency of having a declined cognitive function becomes part of an expectation. Toxicity from heavy metals is the most significant contributor to brain damage. Its effects result in the form of confusion and memory loss. Its chemical content alters the brain’s ability to function where it creates other neurological symptoms. These include irritability, convulsions, and coma.


Difficulty Breathing – The toxicity of the body from heavy metals guarantee damage to the respiratory system. One way to identify its effects is through the difficulty of breathing. Though initially, difficulty in respiration does not support a single diagnosis. That is because there are tons of reasons why the respiratory system fails. However, with regards to too much exposure with heavy metals, the contaminated fumes and dust are considerably the ones to blame for breathing issues. That is due to the chemicals ability to clog and block the oxygen from flowing into the bloodstream.

Skin Diseases – Skin problems such as rashes, hives, psoriasis, eczema, etc. can be associated with too much exposure to heavy metal toxicity. That is perhaps the toxins ability to penetrate in the body’s soft tissues. It causes inflammation in the immune system, which somehow stops the skins’ ability to regenerate. When there is acute metal poisoning, it eventually leads to skin’s fatal condition. However, depending on every person’s overall immunity, skin diseases may vary from mild to severe. Therefore, it is essential to note that treatments for particular skin conditions will also vary. Concerning the skins’ ability to function appropriately, heavy metal toxicity also causes excessive sweats. That is because the sweat glands are trying its best to remove the toxins out in your body.


Cramping And Abdominal Pain – Cramping and abdominal pain can represent internal damage in the body. But with heavy metal poisoning’s impossible detection, these symptoms become risk factors. Though these two signs may associate to different medical conditions, there is a chance that its buildup may be a sign of heavy metal poisoning. In some other cases, with a severe amount of heavy metals that somehow associate with weight loss, it often results in damaged reproductive organs. That same damaging effect of heavy metal toxicity creates an adverse impact on the digestive system too. Usually, it gets diagnosed as constipation, upset stomach, and diarrhea that is visible all the time.

With all these valuable details in this article, all are purely informational. In case you want to try and use any of the healthcare tips and treatment you may find, try consulting your doctor first.