Structure And Strength While Facing COVID-19


We all know about metals and minerals and steel but not everyone has a clear understanding on the subject. Well, all these things come from one of the biggest and oldest industries in the world – Mining. Basically, it is exploring, producing, and processing the natural resources of our planet for human use. Usually, people mine for metals, minerals, and even coal and because all of these things are such a commodity for the human race, mining has become an industry where people do get rich off of.

The metals like iron, lead, nickel, zinc, and copper are what we call base metals. These are the metals that we use to create tools for everyday life. We use these metals for things like coins, pens, knives, and other common objects for day to day living. On the other hand, we also have what we call valued metals. These are the metals that show off stature like silver and gold.

Metals can also be used to create steel which is what we use for forging swords and creating foundations for buildings or bridges. It is what gives strength to our houses, bridges, buildings, offices and this is exactly what we need in this time of chaos. We need a strong foundation that can hold us up and keep us alive while the world struggles.


Before all this, a lot of people have already been struggling mentally, fighting battles that no one knows about. Right now, this number of people struggling might have just doubled or even tripled. With some people being alone during all this and with some people being stuck in a toxic and abusive house, this pandemic has become a mental drain for  a lot of people most especially those who have families and loved ones in the hospital because of the virus.

The strength of metal and steel is what everyone should be embodying right now but sometimes being strong means being weak and accepting that sometimes, we are not okay. Sometimes, we have to talk about the things that bother us and the things that make us weak so we can be strong again. We will be going through a tough process so that one day when we become who we are supposed to become, we are strong and we are structured.


Our issue today should be taken as part of this rough and tough process of being forged into the masterpiece that we ought to be. Sometimes we are like newly mined metals or coal, at first it does not look like much because we come out raw and pure going through life as if it was a breeze or a walk in the park. Later on we realize as we go through the process of life that it is not as easy as it was made out to be. We go through burning, pounding, melting, before we get to cool down and strengthen.

We might not appreciate ourselves right now for who and what we are but eventually after all this, we can look back and see how we lived life and appreciate how we survived that long and hard process of getting to where we eventually are. Be like metal.

A friend had told me once when we were out walking from school to a police station for one of our classes back in college and I was complaining about the long walk, “It is not about the destination, it is about the journey. How we get to where we are going is what makes the destination a memorable experience. Do not forget that, okay?”.