Struggles That You May Deal With While Wire Weaving


Wire weaving is a fantastic skill to learn, regardless if you are a young woman who is at the height of your career or a middle-aged mother who is still taking care of your kids. One project can take minutes to hours to complete, so you will undoubtedly have something interesting to focus on for a while. It will also allow you to show your creative side, even though others say that you have no artistic bone.

What is cool about learning how to weave wires is that you do not always have to go out to do it. For sure, you can enter a wire weaving class, but you can also find tutorials on YouTube. When it comes to the supplies, they are readily available in local craft stores or Amazon.

Now, I know how hard I am selling this activity to you. It is genuinely the kind of hobby that you have never thought you needed but will end up loving it. That is especially true when you already have a few woven jewelry pieces and people start appreciating them. However, you also deserve to know that wire weaving has caused me to deal with several issues.

You Will Get Blisters On Your Hands

The first thing I have complained about is the blisters that appeared on my fingers and palms. Getting them is unavoidable because you are holding thick strings of metal on the one hand and trying to loop a thinner wire with your other hand. The blisters come with the territory, just like when you learn how to play the guitar. If it is any consolation, it will not bother you so much once you get the hang of handling the wires correctly.


It Is Not Easy To Create Every Pattern

A lot of wire weavers are generous, in the sense that they post detailed instructions on how you can make a particular design. Aside from photos in blogs, you can also find videos where they show you a step-by-step guide on what to do. Some people even say where you can get the wires and other tools required for the pattern.

The thing is, even with tutorials or someone coaching you to make every loop, it is not easy to make woven jewelry. You will be bending and twisting wires that usually like to stay straight, for one. Some designs can be complicated as well, especially if you start adding more base wires.

There Is Always The Risk Of Seeing The Wires Unravel

You cannot relax despite finishing a weave, to be honest. You will typically need to leave a few millimeters of the frame on both ends so that you can add locks on both ends and keep the wires from unraveling. However, when you are only starting, you may be unable to prevent that from happening. Then, you will have to start all over again.


Final Thoughts

Wire weaving is a new talent that you can acquire whenever you have time. It will not go away even if you may be too busy right now. Despite the struggles I have mentioned above, you will be able to get over them once you see yourself and perhaps others wearing your creations.

Good luck!