Wire Weaving Benefits That You Should Know About

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Wire weaving is a hobby that I never thought I would enjoy. Don’t get me wrong – I love crafty items. There are a lot of things in my apartment that has been created from diverse materials. I enjoy wearing various types of jewelry as well so that they can match my outfit.

The only reason why I have never envisioned myself weaving wires is that I am not the most artistic person in the world. I am the type who would rather buy an abstract painting than buy a few paints and go crazy on a blank canvas. I have never done a cross-stitch or sewn a button on a shirt either. No matter how hard I try to draw a portrait, the face always looks like a potato, too.

Source: shop.mybluprint.com

Nevertheless, going to a wire weaving class has shown me that I don’t need special skills to make beautiful jewelry with thin metals. Every skill can be acquired; you merely have to be open to it. Besides, if you have a chance to learn how to weave wires there, here are the benefits that you can get from it.

Have Something Unique To Gift To Your Friends

The primary perk of wire weaving is that you now have something to give to your friends as a present. A lot of times, you may feel burdened when you think of what kind of gift you can send to someone close to you this year. That is especially true if that person practically has all the material things that anyone can ask for.

For that reason, you can create a nicely woven bracelet for your friends. There are patterns for men and women, so you won’t have any issue with the designs.

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Be Creative Even Without Being Overly Artistic

When you are a painter, you need to be imaginative and skillful with your medium at the same time. You cannot get rid of the former because it means that you will copy another artist’s work, and that’s not acceptable. You cannot lack painting skills, on the other hand, because you will be unable to express yourself then.

However, with wire weaving, you can find classic designs to do or tweak a little, and no one will get mad at you. You can add a gemstone or bead here and there or perhaps use different gauge wires. As for talent, you only have to be able to handle several wires and shape them according to the pattern, so it is not that difficult.

See Your Work Get Admired By People

Another benefit of learning wire weaving is that you get an output that will put many people in awe. After all, your job is to manipulate those thin metals and weave them together to create beautiful jewelry. Not everyone has enough patience and determination to complete such a project, but you do. That is when they may forget Tiffany & Co. or Swarovski for a minute and ask where they can buy your pieces.

Final Thoughts

If you think about it, a bracelet is a small accessory that stays on a person’s wrist. However, if your loved ones realize that you have crafted one for them out of wires, they will love you now more than ever.

Try wire weaving today!